“A hey can’t you see, the storm clouds a-gathering? Haul away Joe!” 11 fisherman in oilskins and jumpers are preparing for a storm. To while away...

£10 / £8 Concessions

the tempest

stroud shakespeare festival


Bursting with love, comedy, tragedy, mistaken identity and everything in-between, Impromptu Shakespeare bring you an entirely new ‘Shakespeare’ play inspired by audience suggestions...

£9 / £7 Concessions



impromptu shakespeare


A kaleidoscopic modern take on the bard!

A company striving to making Community drama more Professional and more accessible. A modern medley of Scenes and speeches from the Bard!



pick 'N' mix

rats stroud


Fire Springs storytellers will be bringing the Bard's tales to life with their bardic arts of storytelling and music. Shakespeare drew his tales from many sources, and we’re  going back to his bardic roots

£8 / £6 Concessions

right proper barding

fire springs storytellers


The Comedy of Errors is one of Shakespeare’s shortest, yet wittiest, plays. Downpour Theatre Company is no stranger to open air theatre...

£10 / £8 Concessions

the comedy of errors

downpour theatre company

making up shakespeare.jpg

Get to grips with Shakespeare in a very different way – by making it up! Improvisers from critically acclaimed Impromptu Shakespeare will teach you...


making up shakespeare workshop

impromptu shakespeare


Students from the UAL Performance for Stage and Screen course at SGS College are proud to present a site-specific Macbeth. Led by the mercurial Porter, the audience will witness the rise and fall of the ambitious politician Macbeth...

£7 / £5 Concessions


space productions

drama adventures.jpg

All aboard for this tempestuous adventure across stormy seas to the island where magic happens! Loosely following the plot of The Tempest, adventurers will use movement, music and imagination...


the tempest

children's workshop

drama adventures

much ado.jpg

A fresh 1940's modern language adaptation of  the beloved romantic-comedy, ‘Much Ado About Nothing’!...

£7 / £5 Concessions

much ado about 

nothing (Abridged)

stormcloud arts and theatre


In a one-man play about one man's quest for freedom, Derekk Ross presents a fondly irreverent comic dig at Shakespeare - in the role of one of his own rogues...



derekk ross


Viola and Olivia engage in a sparkling battle of wits in this scene by the IAE. The IAE is dedicated to bringing multi-cultural and multi-lingual productions to global audiences


twelfth night

or the search for the common language

international actors ensemble


Shakespeare has inspired a whole host of new writing – from ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ to ‘Bill’. Hear some new bard-inspired short plays, written by local and national playwrights...


where there's a will, there's a play

stroud shakespeare festival


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