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Venue: The Tiered Garden, The Courtyard

Saturday 1st June


12.00 (Tiered Garden)

14.30 (Tiered Garden)

16.15 (Courtyard)

17.50 (Tiered Garden)

FREE! Please bring something for the hat!


Twelfth Night

or the search for the common Language

international actors ensemble

Come and watch Viola and Olivia engage in a sparkling battle of wits in this latest experiment by the IAE. Focusing on one scene from Twelfth Night. 


The IAE is an international theatre company dedicated to bringing multi-cultural and multi-lingual productions to audiences around the globe. After touring Mexico, Australia, and South Korea, they are finally back in the U.K. with this brand new take on a classic comedy.


Follow their adventures at

Facebook : @InternationalActorsEnsemble

Twitter : @IAEnsemble

Instagram : @iaensemble

Duration: 10 mins

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