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macbeth, 2022                        18th, 19th, 25th, 26th February,

                                                        Tetbury Goods Shed and The Mission Theatre   










Where there's a Will,               31st May, The Museum in the Park, Stroud 

there's a play, 2019


the tempest, 2019              30th May - 2nd June, The Museum in the Park, Stroud

                                                        11th August - The Dell, Stratford-upon-Avon


Prospero - Jonathan Vickers

Miranda - Lydia Kenny

Ariel - Isak Sandgren-Clarke

Caliban / Boatswain - David Hill

Alonso - Penelope Wildgoose / Kate Raw (The Dell)

Antonio - Nic Proud

Sebastian - Sally-Anne Beer

Gonzalo - Erin Brookes

Ferdinand - Ben Trevillion

Trinculo - Caz Shaw

Stephano - Peter Hill

Band: Rosie Lewis, Rory Blincow, and Angharad Warren

Directed by Kate Raw

Stage Managed by Emily South

Lloyd Morgans

Jenny Nixon

Heidi Price

Richard Dampney

Caleb O'Brien

Macbeth - Daniel Bogod

Lady Macbeth - Georgie Clarke

Banquo / Siward - David Hill

Macduff - Nic Proud

Lady Macduff / 1st Witch - Leanne Cruise

Duncan / Seyton - Nat Selman

Malcolm / Fleance / 3rd Witch - Isak Sandgren-Clarke

Ross / 2nd Witch - Penny Lamport

Directed by Kate Raw

Stage Managed by Emily South

Lights and Sound by Esther Warren

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