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Venue: The Pavilion, The Tiered Garden, The Museum

Thursday 30th May

Friday 31st May

Saturday 1st June

Sunday 2nd June


19.00 (Pavilion)

15.20 (Tiered Garden)

19.00 (Museum)


Age 12+


derekk ross

In a one-man play about one man's quest for freedom, Derekk Ross presents a fondly irreverent comic dig at Shakespeare - in the role of one of his own rogues. Clownish street peddler and trickster Autolycus (from 'The Winter's Tale') will try to flog you some dodgy stolen goods and attempt to tell you a story! But all the while he's desperate to break free from the play he's trapped in. 

"BREAKING NEWS! Shakespearean character Autolycus escapes from play, leaving blank pages in First Folio collections across the globe!"

Duration: 40 mins

AUTOLYCUS! 2019[3227].jpg
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