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Venue: The Museum

Thursday 30th May

Friday 31st May

Saturday 1st June

Sunday 2nd June





Age 6+

The Tempest

Children's Workshop

drama adventures - gemma bolwell

All aboard for this tempestuous adventure across stormy seas to the island where magic happens!

This workshop, loosely based on The Tempest, is designed to bring children’s imaginations to life while actively engaging them in creating elements of one of Shakespeare’s best-loved plays.  After a brief getting-to-know-you, the adventurers will work as a team to create a great sea-storm using movement, music and swirling cloth and streamers.  Once the storm has died down, they’ll find themselves washed up on the shore of a magical island – the features and characters of which they will create themselves using movement skills and drama techniques.  Having embodied a bad-tempered Caliban, they’ll hear from the wise wizard Prospero and take a leading part in magical trickery across the island.


On returning home there will be plenty to recount of their amazingly action-packed adventure!

Duration: 60 mins

drama adventures.jpg
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