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Stroud Shakespeare Festival relies on it's fantastic team of volunteers - could you be one of them this year? 

When you visit the Stroud Shakespeare Festival we think it's extremely important that all audiences are welcomed with open arms. We engage with an extremely wide demographic and having a family of dedicated volunteers helps us achieve this. 

The festival is entirely volunteer-run, and we welcome anyone who wants to work with us. We are looking for local volunteers with a variety of skills and experience to become a part of our diverse team. If you have a passion for theatre then we want to work with you! 


There a wide range of support roles available for the festival - here's a short list, but if you think of anything else, we'd love to hear from you! From offering a storage space, to selling t-shirts, there's plenty to do! 

  • Stewarding

  • Lighting and Sound Technicians

  • Set Construction

  • Merchandise sellers

  • Administration

  • Accounting

  • Marketing

  • Leaflet and Programme Distribution

  • Financial Support

  • First Aid Practitioners

  • Rehearsal Space

If you would like to volunteer, please fill out this short application form to get started - someone will contact you soon! 

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