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Venue: The Pavilion

Thursday 30th May

Friday 31st May

Saturday 1st June

Sunday 2nd June



14.00 / 19.00



shakespeare 101

shirley halse and howard butcher

Brace yourself and get yourself some braces for a smart AND silly show about Shakespeare. Roll up to receive a highly comic lesson on the Bard, from unconventional educators: Shirley Halse and Howard Butcher.


This show is for anyone who loves, hates, or simply does not understand Shakespeare. We will be asking all the important questions of his plays such as: why, how, what and wherefore art thou? We will pull apart all your favourite characters and quotes and then carefully putting them back together again – with lots of help from our brilliant, noisy audience.


We will also lift the lid on some curious details… for example, have you ever realised that even though the Merchant of Venice is set in Venice Mr Shakespeare never mentions a thing about all the canals and gondolas? How on earth did this happen? Come along on Sunday 2 June to find out more than you ever wanted to know.


Highly suitable for studious students of any age.

Duration: 30 mins

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